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horse carriages

About us


Our company Marpol joined the group of companies operating in the production and renovation of horse-drawn carriages in 2007. Despite so many years on the market, we are still one of the younger companies operating in this industry. However, thanks to the passion and commitment to what we do, we can boast of a large number of satisfied customers. The main recipients of our carriages include customers from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Portugal.

What makes us stand out!!!

  • we listen to the needs of our customers and that's why we create the horse carriages they've dreamed of
  • we have an individual approach to each client
  • we support our clients' knowledge at every stage
  • we always face challenges
  • our work gives us satisfaction and contentment, which translates into the joy of customers
  • and that's why we've gained the trust of our clients

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